investment opportunity

Moscar Capital LP is a private equity fund managed from London focusing on growth capital investment. We invest in ambitious businesses that have proven commercial success and are now ready for the next phase of growth, typically with an enterprise value under £25m. Historically, our investment approach has led to returns uncorrelated to the wider fund market.

management track record

1. Moscar’s team has historically realised a 2.8x money multiple over a 3-year period

2. Combined investing experience of over 25 years

3. Practical experience of managing portfolios over $150m

4. Investment committee experience within private equity, company valuation, governance & portfolio construction.

who is moscar capital aimed at?

Moscar’s strategy will be attractive to those investors looking for significant capital growth over the medium term. The strategy is aimed for those investors previously underwhelmed with larger fund managers whose recent performance and volatility have merely reflected a tracker fund.

Moscar’s edge is amplified by a specialist selection of under-the-radar opportunities. This deal flow has been sourced from many years of carefully nurtured contacts. 

Investments targeting companies in their growth cycle tend not to be so sensitive to either a healthy or a distressed macro economy. This means the fund aims to fit in a balanced portfolio of investments providing uncorrelated medium-term returns.