Venture made Bold

Hello, we’re Moscar.

Our mission is to find and grow the best startups into industry-defining companies, shaping how we live and work in tomorrow’s world.

Founders Focus

The best way to learn about Moscar, is to talk to founders we work with.

Founders come to us for our operational and institutional expertise, not just for our capital.

Our fund size and structure allow us to spend quality time with each founder. It’s not just about Board meetings.

Our mission is to empower founders throughout their journey with actionable, aligned and championing support.

We don't make bets, only commitments

Moscar are active at this very important inflection point.

We find businesses that need an extra push to get them to Series-A. Our strong connections with larger VC’s give us a great feel for what to look for in an investee company and how to institutionalise them on their way to the next stage.



We find that only good things happen when we elevate our founders, their businesses, and our shared ecosystems.


We will always find a way that works.


We strongly believe in the benefits that multiple investors can bring to the table.

What our Founders say...