investment opportunity

Moscar is a venture capital fund managed from London who target smaller bootstrapped companies with valuations ranging from £2m-£10m. The growth in these companies has been harnessed by their ambitious founders, who share our unstoppable drive to build compelling financial and societal returns.

Post investment, we prepare our companies for institutional funding by producing a clear road map to a larger Series-A round. With our hands-on approach we don’t just invest in businesses – we become deeply invested in them.

management track record


Moscar’s team has historically realised a 3.2x money multiple from direct equity investments over a 3-year period


Combined investing experience of over 30 years including board positions, valuation approaches, portfolio construction & sitting on various investment committees


Practical experience of managing portfolios over $150m with pension fund LPs

moscar's edge

Moscar’s edge comes from being sector agnostic, targeting companies at an early stage with very low cash burn and bootstrapping their recent growth whilst receiving our significant input.

Targeting early stage companies creates a high expected return. The inherent risk involved with early stage investing is reduced by only choosing businesses with a very minimal cash burn. This risk is further reduced by picking bootstrapped companies as they have proven growth without a reliance on external capital. Both stipulations mean that any institutional guidance Moscar provides is much more likely to have a material impact.

Moscar provides expertise in the areas of cohort analysis, accountancy, required KPIs, governance and financial modelling. Moscar’s tried and tested method for advancing companies sets them up for a successful larger expansion raise.

Moscar’s sector impartiality removes the reliance on an individual industry to perform which increases the uncorrelated nature of our returns.  This is amplified by a specialist selection of under-the-radar opportunities. This deal flow has been sourced from many years of carefully nurtured contacts.