About us

Leo Davies

Managing Partner

Helping small businesses grow has been an interest of mine since starting my own 10 years ago. It is incredibly satisfying when I see a hungry startup succeed because of their passion, determination and fearlessness.

Moscar only exists because of the network around me.

Tim Marchant

Managing Partner

I’m most happy supporting our ambitious founders on everything from governance to technology.

Having set up a successful company, experiencing the associated growing pains, I find it very rewarding advising our companies how not to make these common mistakes and to grow sustainably.

Barnaby Cardwell

Investment Committee

I love investing in high performing entrepreneurs and watching their companies grow. I find this most exciting as they begin to hit their stride just before Series A.

1992 - 2000

Tim and Leo

Leo and Tim attend the same school. They are in different year groups, so they don’t pay each other much attention.


18 years later, (after successful, entrepreneurial careers) they cross paths again, sharing their keen interest in the world of start-ups. They compare how many ‘fails’ they’ve backed. Fortunately, they can peg more ‘successes’ to their names.

January 2019

Tim and Leo at a door

They quickly work out they share the same investment principles but possess completely different skills, so they founded Moscar Capital and become partners. Tim tackles spreadsheets whilst Leo ‘knocks on doors’.

July 2019

Moscar add a third seat to its Investment Committee.

September 2019

Tim and Leo blasting off

Both excited and nervous, Moscar’s inaugural venture fund is officially launched!

November 2019

Tim and Leo in Scooters

Proud moment as Moscar invest its first clip for £550k in SUPPER Deliveries.

March 2020

Moscar’s team builds whilst a global pandemic takes hold.

June 2020

Tim and Leo playing tennis

First-time funds struggle to raise capital globally, but the compelling deal flow keeps coming! Leo and Tim don’t want to miss out on the opportunities of a ‘vintage’ year, so they spend time brainstorming on the tennis court, perfectly socially distanced. Moscar now has four portfolio companies.

July 2021

Tim and Leo with boxes

The portfolio grows to nine exciting companies!